Records of theory and practical class work of students is maintained by the Institute in the manner as prescribed in Education Regulation 91 as under:

A regular record of both theory and practical class work and examinations conducted in an Institute imparting training for the course for Diploma in Pharmacy, Part-I and Part-II is maintained for each candidate and 20 marks are allotted for each paper in theory and 20 marks are allotted for each paper in practicals as Sessional Marks.

There are at least 2 periodic sessional examinations during each academic year. In case more than two periodic tests are held the highest aggregate of any two performances forms the basis for calculating sessional marks.

If any candidate remains absent for any periodic test he is deemed to have secured zero marks in the said test. The Principal will communicate the sessional marks of the candidates to the Board as directed within the stipulated period.

Improvement of Sessional Marks
Scope of Improvement

A candidate may improve the sessional marks as per the provision made in the Education Regulation 91 as under:

Candidate who wishes to improve his Sessional Marks can do so, by appearing in two additional Sessional Examinations during the next academic year. The average score of the two examinations shall be the basis of improved Sessional Marks in theory. The Sessional Marks for practicals can be improved by appearing in additional practical examinations. Marks awarded to a candidate for day-to-day assessment in the practical class can not be improved unless he attends a regular course of study again.

The average Sessional Marks thus calculated are made available to all examiners in the practical subject at the commencement of the relevant examination in both the diploma in Pharmacy part I & II examinations.
The facility of improvement of Sessional Marks is given only once.

Allotment of Sessional Marks for Practicals

Sessional Marks are divided in two parts for assessment by examiners as per the provision made in the Education Regulation 91 as under:

Sessional Marks in practicals are allotted on the following basis:
Actual performance in the Sessional Examinations = 10 marks.
Day-to-day assessment in the Practical class work = 10 marks

Distribution of Sessional Marks for Practical

The sessional marks for practical is distributed as follows:
Performance in the sessional examinations = 1 0 mar ks.
Day to Day performance in Practical class work = 10 marks.

Standard of Passing and Award of Class
Standard of Passing

A candidate is not declared to have passed the Diploma in Pharmacy examination, unless he secures at least 40% marks in each of the subjects separately in the theory examinations including Sessional Marks and also at least 40% marks in each of the practical examinations including Sessional Marks.
Statement Of The Marks

Statement Of The Marks

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